Tuesday, December 02, 2008

venn diagram

我很喜歡 Venn Diagram, 這是一個例子.

社群藝術, 創意產業和社會企業都是近年在各個領域很熱們的題目, 說明社會上藝術, 社群和商業三個界別的領域, 行業和價值觀, 正在進行合作和越界. 看著這個 Venn Diagram, 我們會問: 1. 我站在這圖中的那一點? 2. 中間那個圓潤的三角形是甚麼?

創意社會企業? 社區創意產業? 社群藝術公司? 有這東西存在嗎?

然後我們會嘗試把這三角形的原素改變, 能否換入教育, 加入科技, 或者宗教又如何? 三角形可以變成四方城?



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我早前做了一些個人探討關於「現今設計的反思」,嘗試從新為設計找一個定位價值,假定設計是來自於 Art + Marketing + Business also taking the method of Imagination + Integration + Innovation to be contributed into Creative Industry, Also composite with History and Culture + Philosophy and Psychology to enrich the content. However, I has found it missing somethings not be included. Until, I read this article that got the insight what does neglect in the picture.

It make me to get the whole picture how does manipulate all elements to create new aspect in coming future.

I believe the world has gone to change but where to go that may start in this diagram. The process is ONE to MANY (Separation) transforming to MANY to ONE (Cooperation).

That mean the place has developed form (Technique - Mass Production) to (Services - Interpersonal Communication Skill ) to(Information - Knowledge Enhancement) to (Humanity - Fair Trade...Social Corporation) It link with the concept of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. We are going on this way...

Just share what my think in the mind, nice to meet you in here...

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